My Story

My work is all about creating characters. These characters live and breathe in my mind and I love sharing them with others. When I was little I used to watch a show everyday called “PappyLand” where an older gentleman, Pappy, loved to draw would show the viewer how to draw a subject step by step. Even if I was in school my Mom would record it for me and I would draw the character with him when I got home. Since then I’ve been making up characters, turning my friends into cartoons, and depicting popular characters from video games, movies, and television.

During high school I started painting and was introduced to charcoal. I immediately fell in love with the bright colors painting can achieve and absolute black charcoal creates. Using these materials I can now illustrate the characters that live in my mind. Purple is the main color in my paintings, used for shading or accents. The neutrality of the color works for any scheme, as it can be more blue or red.

My current work explores other materials I can use to create characters. I’m learning to carve wood to enhance the three dimensional feel to my artwork. Whether I’m painting, drawing, or sculpting I make the piece the most three dimensional it can be. All of these techniques blend together as I stain wood with paint, draw intricate blueprints for my sculptures, and use three dimensional pieces to enhance a painting.