My Portfolio

These are the best of my paintings drawings, and sketches I’ve done in my classes or in my free time over the past few years. I try to accomplish a wide range of styles and subjects in order to find my own unique style.


Gordon Freeman Mural Grumpy Elephant Guitar IronMan Koi Fish Lily Link Wall Mural Master Cheif Melting Guitar Nintendo Wall Mural R2D2 Beets FireSpinner Kenny and Me Snail in the Big City Beach Scene Bird Controllers Cosby Fett Chicks Gorillaz HardEdge Nintendo Nude Painting Octopus Parade Dragon Phoenix Plane Safari Tree Shrine Artoo Avacados Blue Rose Chimera Dragonfly Finer Things Fishing for Doom Meteor Rack Painting Walk in the Woods Wedding Portrait WPortrait


Aphrodite Choppy Aphrodite Negative Aussie Pup Chevy Truck Daddy's Girl Dark Self Portrait Eureka Evil Monkey Father and Son Ichigo Jim Morrison Lelouche Marilyn Monroe Nature vs Nuture Self Portrait Stewie The Lion's Den Adrian Grenier Baker Superman Burgandy Chaplin Gazella HotRod Lady Porcupine Not So Subtle Back Reaching Modern Bather Graceful Back


Dragon Forest Dragon Pheonix Serenading a Dragon Sorceress Nintendo Tribute Dustin Andrew Mario and Hook Mustache Family Mustaches Selleck


Cougar Deadmau5 PineRat PineSnake